Valuation and Financial Modelling

At Raisina Hill Merchants and Consultants we pride ourselves with a Team who have a deep understanding of solutions when you reach a dead end or need help to turn things around in your Organisation.

We have a half glass full or half empty of water? These days answers are – its full of “half air” .

Why did we cite this example for Valuation and Financial Modelling?

Because sometimes it’s not about being in the “grey”. It is about being black or white. Technicalities and numbers are important facts and determine the worth of your business besides other factors. Organizations want to know “Value” in “Quantitive” terms as well as “Qualitative”.

And we have those experts who will evaluate that and much more.

These are competitive times with lots of opportunities. Venture Capitalists, Investment Banks and alike are on the lookout for potential deals. May they be mergers, acquisitions, debt restructuring or even equity investments. Financial Modelling is critical to your business objectives and goals.

We have Partnered with major investors in the industry, who look at opportunities to fund projects within the FMCG, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Logistics and Manufacturing space.

We would be happy to help should you need us.